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Our Story

Our claim to flame ignited in 1947

That was the year a young entrepreneur named G. “Jim” Hasslocher opened a small bicycle rental business at the front gate of Brackenridge Park. It was here that he met his wife and lifetime business partner, Veva Ball. During the summer, they sold ice-cold slices of watermelon to the appreciative bikers. The park was always packed with families picnicking and the air filled with the tantalizing aroma of meat cooking over charcoal fires. That was Jim's inspiration to add charcoal broiled hamburgers to his offerings. Jim was a perfectionist. He made sure to use only the best charcoal, the finest 100% beef patties, his own special blend of spices and seasonings and bakery-fresh buns. The burgers were such a hit, Jim expanded his operation and soon opened the very first Frontier Drive-In.

Throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's, Jim's Frontier Drive-Ins expanded all across San Antonio. They were THE places to meet and eat. Jim soon added his famous double-meat Frontier Burger, thin, crispy onion rings, hand-dipped ice cream milkshakes and handmade fruit pies to the menu. Carhops on roller skates would take and deliver orders until Jim introduced the first speaker ordering system in Texas. And through it all, Jim's commitment to serving the finest, authentic charcoal broiled hamburgers never wavered.

Jim's aim was to always provide his customers with the highest quality food at the lowest possible price. It was an original idea with a loyal following. It is due to the loyalty of his customers that today the Hasslocher's Frontier Enterprises operates Jim's Restaurants in San Antonio and Austin, The Magic Time Machine restaurants in San Antonio and Dallas and La Fonda Alamo Heights— all offering the same great value and outstanding quality that was served at that first watermelon stand almost 70 years ago.

One of Jim's final goals was to return to his roots and give loyal fans of the original Frontier Drive-Ins a chance to once again enjoy a charcoal broiled Frontier Burger in all its delicious, savory, juicy glory. And to introduce a new generation to this one-of-a-kind, smoke-infused flavor. Jim passed away in 2015 at the age of 93. But up until the day he left us, he was hard at work turning his dream of bringing back Frontier Burger into a reality. Today, his new Frontier Burger restaurant combines all the latest high-tech ordering and preparation systems while still adhering to Jim's authentic charcoal broiled technique. So welcome to Frontier Burger. Enjoy a delicious burger with a rich history. And a taste to get fired up about.

The Frontier Enterprises Pledge to Our Customers

It is OUR DESIRE to offer you excellent food and service at moderate prices. It is OUR PLEASURE to prepare delicious food and provide cheerful, friendly service. It is OUR HOPE for you to eat with joy and be of good heart for merry hearts live longer. And we give to you OUR THANKS... and invite you to please come again.

Our Chief Was Also Our First Chef

In his final interview, Frontier founder Jim Hasslocher reveals how he created the first charcoal broiled Frontier burger and his desire to reintroduce this one-of-a-kind taste to a new generation.